Protect your firm’s and client’s assets by understanding the personal and professional backgrounds of your employees. Make sure your candidates and employees have the licenses and certifications they need for the job. Re-screen your employees regularly to detect any new risks. 

Recommended Financial Services Checks

Use Vetty background checks through our web portal or API to give you and your customers confidence in your employees.



SSN Check

SSN Check & ID Verification identifies your candidate, finds alternate names, and finds their address history based by checking hundreds of sources. We use this information to conduct each background check on the right names and in the right jurisdictions.

Sex Offender Regestry Check

Sex Offender Registry Search captures real-time data from all 50 states’ sex offender registries. The information states provide varies, so we combine this search with criminal record searches for the broadest possible search.

Global Sanctions & Terrorist Watch list Search

Global Sanctions & Terrorist Watch-list Search finds information in public and proprietary data sources worldwide. Sources include governments, courts, news media, and sanctions lists published by over 60 government and law enforcement sources, including the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), the U.S. Treasury, the FBI and INTERPOL. FACIS checks available for health care workers.

National Criminal Record Check

National Criminal Check accesses over 400 million records from thousands of jurisdictions’ state and county court systems, corrections departments, and other agencies. This helps identify criminal records across states and counties where a candidate has worked, lived, visited, or attended school within the last 7 years. It is an affordable way to check for negative information across the country and is a good addition to targeted state and county searches.

County Criminal Record Check

County Criminal Record Check searches county-level courts for felony, misdemeanor, and major traffic convictions in any of the 3,142 counties or county equivalents in the US. Smart Screen accesses these records directly from courthouses, either electronically or (where necessary) in person. We check all counties where a candidate has lived within the past seven years, not just where they currently live.

Education Verificaiton

Education Verification checks directly with candidates’ schools to verify their college and graduate degrees. We also provide (when available) dates attended; major/minor; year graduated; name of degree, diploma or certificate received; and special achievements and awards

Employment Verification

Employment Verification obtains and verifies candidates’ previous employment history. We can check employment in the last 2, 5 or 7 years with verified sources and (where available) get confirmation of start and end dates, job title, department, and other relevant information.


Includes Basic Technology Package PLUS:

Federal Criminal Record Check

Federal Criminal Record Check looks for crimes prosecuted in federal district courts such as international/inter-state drug trafficking, kidnapping, and tax evasion. Smart Screen obtains federal criminal records from all US district courts and territories.

State Criminal Record Check

State Criminal Record Check checks official statewide databases, where avaialble. In states that don’t offer access to reliable statewide databases, we do county criminal checks.

Reference Check

Leave the reference checks to us. We’ll diligently attempt to contact references with three calls and three emails so that you can hear people’s personal experience with a candidate. And we’ll never contact a candidate’s previous employers without their verbal consent.

Get Speed & Accuracy

Our deep learing bots make our background checking product the most powerful in the industry

Compliance Is Key

 Compiling with federal, state and local consumer and employment report laws can be daunting. Vetty automates this process taking out the guess work and manual interventions. 

Our API is Powerful

We integrate with major ATS and HRIS Systems. We get integrations live in just a few days.

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