Samba and Vetty


VettyVerified™ is a candidate-centric risk solution.

Jeopardizing risk, using clunky product,
and a laborious implementation is only things
a lag.a.cy provider would recommend.

Let's do something great.

What were they looking for?

A Candidate-Centric Risk Solution.

something easy to use and powerful, but no lift.

Ours like no other, and you will be up and running in a few minutes.


Mobile-First. Candidate-Centric.
Perfect Onboarding.

Protection, KEEP THEM COMPLIANT, and out of harms way.

Auditors love our candidate-centric model. Everything is only two-clicks away.

good price. volume freedom. meaningful partnersships.

Being nimble is a smart decision, for any business.

What's our secret sauce?

It's starts with our product, ethos and Vision.

Vetty does not subscribe to the idea of lag.a.cy and clunky.

What do we hear our competitors are saying about Vetty? 

We're losing another to Vetty. Let's try to lock the customer in quickly to an unfavorable agreement.

They already signed up and deployed with VEtty? What do you mean - like it's live?

How do we sell our platform against theirs? All of their customers say it's so intuitive and ours is really hard to use.

What Do Our Partners Say?

Dude. you this is awesome.

Our customers love you, they love working with Vetty.

We working closely with our partners to build differentiated solutions that actually create new value, elevate a total-risk solution,
and build long term growth ascension.  

We're tired of filling Checkrs coffers and you guys make it a no brainer.

Our customers don't pick anyone except Vetty anymore and it's so easy.

It's been too long someone has shook things up the right way. Let's do this.

What do we want to do?

Build A Simple and Seamless Integration and Deploy a Total Risk Solution

And Change the Risk Game Together.