Risk & Revenue Shot Clock

Time is Money

People Risk Minimization
While The Revenue Clock Ticks

March 16th, 11:00 PST

The reality is.

Hiring has gotten harder & time is money.

We're talking: People Risk Minimization When The Revenue Shot Clock Is Ticking.

In this conversation, we’re diving headfirst into streamlining compliance for high-frequency hiring in a Post-Vaccine world when the revenue clock ticks. In 2021, the importance of speed to placement and recognition of revenue-generating talent cannot be understated.

We’re discussing and recognizing onboarding optimization, and this powerhouse panel will be talking about the impact of People, Culture, and Talent functions during Post-Vaccine hyper-scaling.


Led by world-class people scalers including:

Shelli Holland
Phone 2 Active

Vice President & Head of HR

Brian Christman Transfix

Chief People Officer

Peter Phelan
Values Culture

Chief People Officer Turned
Culture Doctor and Tech Champion

Get up-to-date optimization tips.

Engagement, performance, cost-of-acquisition has never more important. Join us for a non-traditional compliance & culture conversation.

Scale Smarter.