Vetty Affiliate Program

Vetty Affiliate Program

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When You Join.
We Start Rewarding.

It's really simple: You tell your customers about Vetty. When they sign up, we’ll pay you $5 dollars per employee screened by Vetty at the company you referred for the first 30 days. This means you’d earn:


If you refer a company that screens 10 employees in the first 30 days.


If you refer a company that screens 50 employees in the first 30 days.


If you refer a company that screens 500 employees in the first 30 days.

Who's this for?
What's the potential?

This is built for HR Consultants, just like you.

Oct 2020 Affiliate Results

Referred VettyVerified™ Applicants
Referral Rewards in Oct 2020​
$ 250000

Perfect Candidate Experience

Companies that use VettyVerified™ onboard more smoothly, have higher applicant engagement and lower friction in the onboarding process.  

Perfect for Remote Teams

Remote teams love our centralized dashboard and dynamic user permissions.  The give teams of all sizes the flexibility needed to operate their business safely, regardless of location.   

Review Results With Ease

We take the guesswork and confusion found in solutions and eliminate it with Candidate-Centric reviews.  

Fool-Proof Compliance Built in

Our compliance wizard steers the users through a fully compliant reviews, preadverse, and adverse action process.  Keeping your clients out of harms way.  

How Does It Work?
How Can I Get To Trust This Product?

Let's get the ball rolling.

Step 1

Get Signed Up - there's no cost.

To get the ball rolling we need you to submit some simple information. This will allow us to get the onboarding process kicked off.

What's "Simple" Information?

Easy - Your Name, Your Companies Name, and your email. We'll need your address and possibly a little more info when we start sending you big checks.

Step 2

Get Vetty'd

Join our HR Consultant training, we run one weekly, or you can watch on your own-time. This provides an understanding of Vetty's ethos, how & where you will win with Vetty, and an awesome meaningful demo of our product.

And Build Your Toolset

Vetty will help you build the perfect selling kit and offering for your clients. Our focus on friction-free selling means things like co-branded landing pages, and client-centric work is low lift.

Step 3

Start Making Intro's

Vetty is the perect product to introduce. We save 30% percent on average, help companies hire and reduce risk, and can have their system up and running in most cases in under 15 minutes.

Selling Your way

Affiliate partners have options to refer, sell, or co-sell together. We're here to help you grow your business, for some, they may want us involved, for others, they may just get started! Either way, we're here.

Step 4

Start winning

It doesn't take long to start winning with Vetty. With our SaaS model, customers are up and running in 15 minutes or less. For our enterprise solutions, it can vary from 5 minutes to a few weeks depending on the organization.

And Winning Often

Our product is so differentiated, user friendly, and easy to get started.

It makes winning easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We welcome anyone spreading the word and participating in the referral program, customers, or not.  As part of our program, you will access to our platform, free for use with your own hiring. 

Vetty uses a lead management tool and will create unique affiliate links for tracking. 

A successful referral requires that you introduce Vetty to a decision-maker at a third party company. This means you cannot refer yourself or someone else at the company you work for.

We issue the referral bonus to you once your referral joins Vetty and only after they have successfully processed their 1st months invoice. Referral payments are typically deposited within 30 days from the date of the referral’s first payment.

You’ll be paid via check sent to the address associated with your Vetty account or the address you provided within your referral application. For payments above $600, Vetty is required to issue you an IRS Form MISC-1099, so we’ll reach out to you to gather additional details.

Unfortunately, if your referral decided not to join Vetty, was already a Vetty customer, or if your referral had already been referred by someone else you are not eligible for the referral bonus.

If the company you referred hires more employees after the 30 days of becoming a Vetty customer, we will not compensate you for these additional employees.

Nope! You may refer as many companies as you’d like.  We’d love to meet them.

Of course! We continually update our affiliate and reward program to keep things fresh and exciting! 

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