Continuous Monitoring

A background check has the shelf-life of a gallon of milk (not a fact, but you get the idea). With VettyComply™ you’ll get continuous monitoring for negative change, meaning you’ll always be aware of post-hire compliance issues that could pose a risk to your organization. Also, did we mention you can easily track this in your client dashboard with a simply click? Well, you can.

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How do I track an employee who is enrolled in Vetty Comply?

When we say we are a true all-in-one platform, we mean it. So when you enroll an employee in Vetty Comply, we track their status directly from your customer dashboard. That means whether you are running a one-time background check, ordering a drug screening, or enrolling in VettyComply, it’s all done from one, easy-use dashboard.

Who does Vetty use to execute the continuous monitoring?

Continuous monitoring for negative change is a big job. That’s why we partnered with one of the best in the industry to power our platform, Samba Safety. Customers ordering VettyComply get all the power of Samba, tucked nicely into the Vetty customer dashboard.  

Can I add VettyComply as a standalone product or does it have to be tied to a background check?

Short answer, yes! Whether you’re adding continuous monitoring to a background check as a pre-hire action, or using bulk uploads to add employees as a post-hire action, VettyComply gives you the flexibility to add what you want, when you want it. 

Why should we consider adding continuous monitoring moving forward?

Continuous monitoring for negative change eliminates the visibility gap that is created the moment you complete your first background check and your candidate becomes a new employee. Monitoring for negative change gives your organization the comfort of knowing about an incident right away, instead of hearing about it later when it may have become a bigger problem than you’d like.

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