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Tech shops are wired differently - work with a background check solution that speaks your language.

Give your dynamic team the tools it needs to grow efficiently and with cost in mind. Long story short, we aren’t going to get rich off of you and you aren’t going to get rich off of us.

Learn how Vetty helps scaling companies:

No minimums means no risk

Throttle up and throttle down as needed with no fear of volume requirements or a higher cost per check because you don’t qualify for a better price. As a scaled startup – we give you important cashflow flexibility.

Be ready to grow

Aquiring marquee customers creates new challenges – they want proof that background checks occur and their business is safe with you. Vetty helps you with the pre-employment checks, documents storage, and everything you need to scale.

Protect your business

You’re raising money, increasing your headcount, and your business is becoming more valuable. Protect your growing startup by ensuring the talent you bring in meets certain requirements.

Perfect onboarding

You’re looking for a great background check provider – not a monstorous lift. Vetty can you have up and running in minutes and if you need a powerful API – we’ve got that too.

Vetty is trusted

Tech Companies Trust Vetty

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How can I cut costs and operate more effectively?

Previously job seekers waited for a company to run a background check and that can cause major delays to starting. That gets pricey, fast.

Vetty pre-verifies and keeps your information up to date and ready for use making the process of hiring faster for job seekers and easier for companies.

Frictionless Operations

Streamline the Operations with our at-a-glance applicant timeline with 100% transparency throughout the entire screening process.

Compliance Automation

Regulatory change and compliance law can be mind numbing, but that’s why we’re here.  Vetty keeps customers out of harms way and automate every possible step of the process.

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