Vetty Privacy Policy

Effective Date: 11/4/2022


Vetty is committed to keeping personal information private. This privacy policy describes Vetty’s collection, protection, use, and disclosure of information about  Consumers (defined as candidates and employees undergoing Vetty screening) and visitors. It also explains the privacy practices we use when we prepare consumer reports (also called “investigative consumer reports” in California).

This privacy policy also explains how and why we use cookies and similar technologies, how Consumers can view or delete their information on Vetty, and other privacy-related topics.

Please read this privacy policy carefully. By using Vetty or by clicking “I Agree” in our Candidate Portal, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to this privacy policy. If you have any questions, you can reach us at If you do not agree to any part of it, please do not use or register with Vetty.



Vetty collects information about Consumers from the Consumers themselves, our customers, and third parties. Our customers are current and prospective employees, online marketplaces, and other digital businesses. The information we collect may include identifiers, public records, database records, electronic network activity, employment records, education records, occupational health records, and other types of information commonly collected for employment-related screening.

Vetty may also collect electronic network activity information from Consumers when they visit our site so that we can, for example, identify them and improve their use of our site.

We collect this information because employers hire us to conduct employment-related screening on Consumers. We also collect this information to communicate with Consumers about their screening. Finally, we collect some of this information to protect Vetty and its customers against illegal activities. 


Vetty may collect electronic record activity information, including cookies, from visitors to our site to analyze usage of our site and identify unique visitors. We may also ask visitors for their contact information and for information about their businesses if they are interested in doing business with Vetty.


Vetty employs physical, procedural, and technical measures designed to secure the information we collect from accidental loss and from unauthorized access, use, alteration, and disclosure. Our technical measures include encryption, two-factor authentication, penetration testing, and more. However, no security measures are infallible, so we cannot absolutely guarantee the security of personal information.

Vetty retains and destroys Consumers’ information as required by law and industry standards. To request to have your information deleted from our systems, email


Vetty discloses a Consumer’s information to the specific customer who has hired Vetty to conduct employment-related screening on the Consumer. We may also disclose information about a Consumer to identify them to information providers such as DMVs, courts, and contractors who help us gather screening information. Those information providers are required, by contract and by law, to keep the information we disclose confidential and to use it only for the purpose for which it is intended.

We make the disclosures described above only after obtaining  permission from the Consumer within our Candidate Portal. Vetty does not disclose Consumers’ information to any third party for marketing purposes

In the unlikely event that a government entity or third party seeks or requires a Consumer’s information from Vetty, we will notify the Consumer to the extent allowed by law.

Vetty may disclose aggregated, anonymized data relating to Consumers and site visitors as needed for the operation of our business.

Personal Information Disclosure: United States or Overseas. Vetty operates internationally and may send Consumers’ information to Vetty employees or contractors in other countries for processing. We employ the same strong security measures at all of our locations and while data is in transit.

If your information is compromised: You may learn more about our privacy practices and policies by emailing us at, calling us at (855) 726-7827, or writing to us at Vetty, Inc., 110 Wall Street, 2nd Fl, New York, New York 10005.


Cookies are small text files downloaded and stored on your computer when you visit our site. We use these and similar technologies to improve people’s use of our site, to analyze trends, administer our site, compile user base demographics, and other purposes. If you do not want these technologies on your computer, you can find instructions online for how to adjust your browser settings and/or delete them. 


If Vetty has screened you and you would like to view or download a copy of the report, go to You can also log in to your profile to change certain information you provided to us, such as your email address and where you live.

You may also email us at to request access to, correct, or delete any information you have provided to us. If we delete your information, we must delete your entire profile. We cannot change information if we believe the requested change would make the information incorrect or violate any legal requirement. 


The California Consumer Privacy Act grants California residents the following privacy rights:

  • The right to know about the personal information a business collects about them and how it is used and shared;
  • The right to delete personal information collected from them (with some exceptions);
  • The right to opt-out of the sale of their personal information; and
  • The right to non-discrimination for exercising their CCPA rights.

For more information, go to If you are a California resident and would like to exercise these rights, please reach us at


Consumers access Vetty through and related sites, and we communicate with Consumers through our site and by email and/or text messages. To use Vetty, you must agree that you: 

  • can access our site and read the information on it, 
  • have provided us with an accurate active email address and will update your email address if needed so that we can reach you, and
  • agree to receive notices and disclosures through our site or by other electronic means.

If you would like to contact us by phone or mail to exercise your rights under the FCRA, CCPA, or other law, you’ll find our contact information at the bottom of this page.


We reserve the right to update this privacy policy from time to time. When we update this policy, we will change the Effective Date at the top. Please visit this policy periodically to check for updates. Your continued use of Vetty means that you understand and agree to any updates to this Policy.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or our privacy practices, please email us at or call us at (855) 726-7827. Our mailing and physical address is 85 Broad Street, 16th Fl, New York, New York 10005.

Thank you for using Vetty!