Enjoy – The “Smart Last Mile” in the Retail Experience.

Key Wins
Reduced hours needed to complete checks by 75%
Real-time line of site into each candidates stage in the process
Great candidate experience for a rapidly scaling business
Platform provide vital functionality when it comes to drug screening

Fatima Franco, People Operations Manager at Enjoy Technology

Meet Fatima and Enjoy Technology, Inc. 

Fatima Franco is the People Operations Manager at Enjoy Technology located in Palo Alto, California. Enjoy was founded by Ron Johnson, former Apple retail stores chief with the mission to reinvent retail’s “last mile experience” by combining delivery with technical expertise. Partnered in the US with AT&T, Rogers in Canada, and BT/EE in the UK, Enjoy’s team delivers the device, completes the setup, offers in-person accessory options, makes recommendations on ways to optimize the customer’s wireless plan, and more.

New Growth—Same Great Experience

Founded in 2014, by Retail Executive and Apple Alum Ron Johnson, Enjoy has experienced massive growth. Starting in two markets, New York and San Francisco, the company quickly expanded and now serves more than 50% of the U.S. population in 54 markets across the US. This rate of growth brought with it a new level of additional challenges and complexities.

Enjoy was facing a much higher volume of products to be delivered. The staffing spikes and peak season requirements increased significantly, with many more employees to track in terms of onboarding and background check results. New challenges arose in the drug screening completion process, as a decrease in the onboarding timeline was now critical.

Addressing just one of these complexities, Fatima says, “Our employees drive a company vehicle, not their own. Our drivers must be properly insured under our company insurance, but there is an operational risk management side to this. With so many drivers on the road, we as a company decided it is important to be even more cautious than what our insurance requires. We take the risk management side very seriously… So we started doing much more frequent driving record screenings, and that’s when it became unmanageable because every single time we ran a background screen for every employee, we had to get completed authorization from them. Because we are a remote workforce, our employees are on the road the majority of their day. Completing their authorization on their phone, because they don’t have laptops readily available in the car, was incredibly challenging. It was a massive lift. It took so many hours not only from the HR team but from the field teams as well. Once our drivers  complete the check, we then need to review them all as an HR team, sift through all the noise, and make sure that we’re assessing risk to the organization appropriately.”

“Vetty is working to revolutionize a space which tends to be a bit old school and antiquated.”

–Fatima Franco, People Operations Manager @ Enjoy Technology

And, through all this, it was essential to Enjoy that they didn’t lose track of creating happy employees while also ensuring a great and safe experience for their customers.

And this is where Vetty comes in.

“Vetty has revolutionized how we do things. They’ve reduced the hours needed to complete these checks by 75%. It was a full-time job, when we got the results back, to sift through them.”

How Vetty is Alleviating Pain Points

  • Tracking of where each employee was in the screening process and not letting anyone slip through the cracks with a real-time line of sight
  • Providing a great candidate experience while a business is rapidly scaling
  • Smooth onboarding and screening funnel flow when presented with tough timelines
  • Ongoing quarterly background checks when the process got out of control due to layered complexity in insurability and risk management requirements
  • A platform that provides vital functionality when it comes to drug screening authorization and completion in a limited timeframe
  • Regularly increasing logic and ease of process through automated and intuitive adjudication

When solving pain-points, not only do these solutions play a big part in success, but saving time and eliminating manual tracking are equally important. When it comes to improving Fatima’s job, “Eliminate a spreadsheet for me.”, she says, “At the end of the day, through this partnership, we’re elevating each other.” 

We agree.

A Final Word on “Why Vetty”

“They treat you like you’re their only client. And just the transparency of ‘Hey we’re figuring this out. We’re going to make this change, be aware.’ Then they started, coming back with suggestions with ‘How we’re pushing them.’ I think that’s something different about Vetty. They push their vendors as well to get what their clients need versus ‘That’s just how they do it.’ Everyone becomes better when you challenge the status quo on how the industry does everything.”

And when it comes to other businesses looking for background screening solutions, Fatima says, “Anybody moving to Vetty…on the surface level you’re going to see something that looks great, but there’s much more to it. I think a big part of it is the innovation piece and the team they have behind it..”

How can Vetty help your business overcome your pain points and transform your background checks into an effortless process?

Exponential growth requires innovation in high-volume background screening and a collaborative relationship.
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