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We created this buying and onboarding setup guide to familiarize you with Vetty and help you build the best background screening solution for your company.  We’ll start out with some foundational elements, and then jump into our top 7 Pro-Tips.  

The basics

Before you start working in Vetty with your team, take a few minutes to get familiar with our buying process.

  1. Vetty serves companies of all sizes and shapes.  Regardless of how big or small you are, you will receive a perfect buying and onboarding experience.  
  2. You can get started with Vetty in two ways, the first is through our Vetty Self Serve Account Setup, you get the same great product, with pre-negotiated prices that beat the most competitive prices on the market.  The second is by working with the Vetty growth team, our growth team focuses on client-centric design, building perfect background screening solutions for companies that are hiring, often rapidly. You can book a design and discovery session right here – without a single back and forth email.

The commitment

At Vetty, we put our money where our mouth is.  We believe in pay as you go, we do not believe that sticking customers with a user fee, monthly minimums, or required volume is the foundation of meaningful partnerships.  

Get Started

Start with Vetty Self Serve today, or, book a meeting with our growth team to help build the perfect background screening solution for your company. 

1. Start by connecting your brand,
to the applicant experience

Why it matters

Applicants that recognize and align to your brand and mission are generally stronger employees.  Creating an onboarding experience that connects your brand identity, purpose, and intentionality is important.  Rather than sending out templated, unrecognizable, boring emails – send invites that get your employees excited to be joining the team.  

  • Add your logo in Vetty and it will automatically update the applicant communications to include your branding. 
  • Customize your “Get Started” email to put the perfect touch of Brand, Mission, or any other helpful information to get them onboarded smoothly. 

2. Use, or create new packages
based on the applicant’s role

Why it matters

Not all roles require the same background check packages, and a “one-size fits all” approach can lead to overspending, or possibly, may not be evaluating the areas of concern most important to their role.  In Vetty, you can set up as many packages as you’d like, this will allow you to build the packages that fit the role, budget, and requirements.  

  • With Vetty Self Service – you get our four most common packages.  Need to add a package? No big deal – email and we’ll help you build the perfect package. 
  • When working with the Vetty Design Team, we will build the perfect packages together.  

3. Add your users, and set their permissions  

Why it matters

If you have a teammate, an HR team, or Operations teams involved in the background experience – get the whole team on Vetty together and working cohesively.  Setting up Vetty with your teammates, users, and permissions only takes seconds. 

Need to figure out which permissions are the best fit for your team? You can dig into them here.

4. Deploy your first background check

Why it matters

You didn’t start working with Vetty for the heck of it, you partnered with Vetty to run background checks – perfectly.  You’ve taken just a few minutes to get the profile branded, your communications on point and your teammates added.  Kick-off your 1st check with only two clicks. 

  1. Click the “New Candidate” button
  2. Fill in the First, Last, and Email of the Applicant.
  3. Select the preferred package.
  4. Click “Place Order”

5. Keep yourself and team in the know

Why it matters

Vetty believes in full transparency and line-of-sight to applicant progress throughout the entire background screening process.  Informed teams are able to plan more effectively, hit hiring goals, and build a better hiring process through awareness.  Here is out Vetty will keep you informed: 

  • Through the Dashboard – Filter by status in a single click.
  • Use our alerts to focus on prioritized work.

6. Make painful background check reviews and disparate candidate details a thing of the past

Why it matters

Complex reports, data you don’t understand, and clunky platforms will have unintended consequences – perhaps leading to the wrong hiring decision.  With Vetty and our Client Verified Profiles, Vetty becomes a hub for easy reviews, seamless compliance, and your candidate-centric details.  

  • Eliminate downloading reports
  • Eliminate PII through emails
  • Eliminate wasted time  

7. Connect to the tools you use every day

Why it matters

With Vetty subscribe to efficiencies, many which happen in our system, and many more that come through powerful integrations.  You can enhance your onboarding experience by connecting Vetty to your ATS system, your App, or your HRIS, saving you time by deploying checks and automating workflows every day.  

How it works 

Simple: We have sponsored integrations with some of the best systems on the market.  Our onboarding team will help you connect the systems, and ensure that all systems are a go.  Here are some of our closest partnerships: 

Ready to take your background screening to the next level?

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