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Please follow these important steps in order.  A very rewarding partnership onboarding is being served up for you, this is going to be exciting.  

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The path to tremendous value and earning potential is in flight.  As you read this, you will be getting an email from us.  Take 2 quick seconds quickly and respond back “Yes”, and then come back.   

This will ensure we’re not ending up in your spam, and … that you’re not a bot. We will share things like new products, new programs, new incentives, and new commissions via email.  


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We share exciting product updates, important risk-strategies, & killer stories from customers and other HR Consultants using Vetty in incredible ways.  Follow our company and one of our thought-leaders here.

You are incredibly important to us, thank you for being part of our story.  We value all of our customers and work extremely hard to support your growth.


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Head of CX and Growth

Schedule Commission Kickoff With Our CoFounder & Head of Growth.

2x a week, our CoFounder presents to all of our new HR Consultant Partners.  This is required to get access to the Vetty Resources Vault.  It is fun, rewarding, & a great way to get connected.  You will learn about Vetty, our product VettyVerified™ & how our most successful partners win.

After this meeting you will gain access to our resources vault and will build a powerful offering that will resonate with your clients.  

Vetty Verified

How can I cut costs and operate more effectively?

Previously job seekers waited for a company to run a background check and that can cause major delays to starting. That gets pricey, fast.

Vetty pre-verifies and keeps your information up to date and ready for use making the process of hiring faster for job seekers and easier for companies.

Frictionless Operations

Streamline the Operations with our at-a-glance applicant timeline with 100% transparency throughout the entire screening process.

Compliance Automation

Regulatory change and compliance law can be mind numbing, but that’s why we’re here.  Vetty keeps customers out of harms way and automate every possible step of the process.

Welcome to Vetty.

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