Streamline your background & post-hire compliance with VettyVerify plug-in integration

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Vetty is Candidate-Centric & Customer-Centric

Here's how we think and operate.


We keep you and your team informed, always.

We like to keep everything smooth sailing.

We create great candidate-first solutions.

How does the integration work?

Vetty works closely to build the perfect integrations.

Enhance Internal Workflows + A better Candidate Experience.

  • Automated Ordering 
  • Progress Updates
  • Perfected Candidate-Experience
  • Integrations

Operations teams love Candidate-Centric Reviews

VettyVerified™ streamlines the operations process.

Reviewing a report is simple and effortless.

When it comes to reviewing reports Vetty™ profiles keeps hiring and recruiting teams informed and in the know.   
  • Candidate Activity Feed
  • Color Coded Results
  • A la carte ordering
  • Candidate Document Storage

Compliance Wizard

  • Built In Communications Tools
  • Pre-Adverse Automation
  • Adverse Action Toolset


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How Do We
Work With Our Customers?

Easy. We treat them the way we want our partners to treat us.

We eliminate one way, Wrong-way relationships

We deliver respect, intentionality, and a commitment to all of our customers to win together.

We navigate uncertainty together

Right now, we believe that close relationships is what's needed to navigate new waters. In Vetty, we are 100% Pay-As-You-Go and will flex our business with your needs.

We leapfrog the lift from hard integrations

Getting started with Vetty is simple. It will take about 2 hrs of your time to get rocking and rolling.

We bring world solutions

Building powerful and exciting tools is in our DNA but working with our Customers is in our Ethos. Vetty is proud to work closely with their customers to innovate and solve problems.

We'd love to work with you.

We'll fire up a demo and explain the JazzHR & Vetty Partnership with you.