Accelerate Your Hiring From Offer to Active

Today’s workforce is constantly connected and ready
for the next best thing. With their world a tap, click or scroll away, seamless, mobile-first pre-hire screening is the best (and quickest) way to secure top talent.

Make your life easier by taking advantage of Vetty’s direct integration with Bullhorn. Order checks, track candidates, receive real time status updates and more.

Direct Integration

Harnessing the power of seamless integration, Vetty forms a direct connection with Bullhorn’s credentialing API. Wondering about the implications of this technical liaison? In simple terms, it means you can leverage the robustness and precision of Vetty’s pre-hire screening solutions straight from your Bullhorn account. Just choose your preferred package, recline in your chair, and watch as we handle the rest.

Background Checks

Whether you need a basic background check or something customized to meet the needs of a specific role, with Vetty we have what you need. Let us put it this way, If we baked bread, this is where we’d put the butter. Our proprietary system delivers fast, reliable results that you and your teams can trust.


Drug and Health Screenings

Arranging for drug and health screenings can feel like a hassle. But guess what? We at Vetty are all about making it hassle-free. Our platform is directly integrated with big shots in the industry like Labcorp, Quest, CRL, and Concentra (plus more), to help your candidates pinpoint the perfect spots and times for their screenings. We match it all based on their location and their specific screening requirements. The cherry on top? They can set it all up right from their mobile. That’s taking mobile-first to a whole new level.

Candidate Activity Feed

With Vetty at your side, you gain clear visibility into your candidates’ journey. Be it the progress of a background check or drug test, titer outcomes, or the steps of education and employment verification, our real-time tracking timelines lay it all out for you. You and your team can easily monitor where your candidates stand in the process, keeping everyone in the loop.

I9 and E-Verify

Keeping tabs on your employees’ work eligibility status shouldn’t consume your entire day. That’s why we’ve got your back with our savvy, easy-to-use electronic Form I-9 and E-Verify solutions. We’ve made them to make your life easier, helping you breeze through these processes without breaking a sweat.

Medical History Questionnaires

Let’s face it, healthcare matters can be a bit of a maze. But with Vetty, we’re all about simplifying things for you. From managing immunization records to navigating medical history forms, our platform guides candidates smoothly through every step, speeding them towards their first day at work. Plus, our handy scheduling tool lets you pencil in HR office visits or any other onsite activities with ease. With Vetty, we turn the complicated into the uncomplicated!

Education and Employment

ur verification services are your safety net, making sure your candidates really have the skills and experience they say they do. We dig into the details by verifying their work histories, educational qualifications, and any professional licenses. This way, you can be confident that your potential hires truly meet your requirements.

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