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Do you feel like you’re burning through your budget, and bandwidth is waisted on background screening? We hear it too often.

Calculate your savings and bandwidth gains using our ROI calculator that is built by hundreds of customer’s results.
Vetty ROI
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How many applicants does your company onboard per month?

For some teams, it's 1 or 2. For others, it could be thousands. How many do you onboard?
0applicants per month
1applicants per month1000applicants per month

On average how much time do you spend completing a background check?

Teams waste a lot of time filling out old forms, hunting for candidate information, reviewing results, calling the applicant for more information, or even worse, the screening company looking for updates. How much time do you spend?
5minutes per day
1minutes per day60minutes per day
$per hour

On average how much does it currently cost you to run each background check?

Common Market Prices: Criminal ($45) , Criminal + EDU ($60), or Criminal +EDU+EMP ($75). Enter your cost below.
$per check