Statuses & Actions

Be in the know with statuses and alerts.

Put your awareness to good use. Assisting statuses, alerts help you prioritize your background screening funnel.

Prioritize better with your entire team.

Prioritizing a background screening funnel is important, but making it one click is, too. When you and your team can focus your time on the most important tasks – you are able to accomplish more, faster.

Work cohesively as a team.

Hiring teams work together with statues – dividing and conquering background screening funnel.  Statuses and Alerts gives focus to teams, whether they’re in one place, or across many locations.

Give yourself some time back.

The day moves quickly, and so do you.  Keep moving without missing a beat.  Kick off a reminder, send the PreAdverse, or proceed with a candidate with two-clicks – seriously.

Move through the background screening funnel.

In Vetty, we make the hard work – easy.  Our engine and communications cool does the heavy lifting – but you can always step in, take control and move the applicant to active, in one click.

Dashboard - Filtering

Stay organized and efficient with direct line of sight, background check notifications, and filtering.

Vetty Verified Profile Pages

Your perfect onboarding and friction-free background screening experience await you with Vetty Profiles.

Branding & Communications

In Vetty, complete background checks come faster using our communications matrix. Keep users, and applicants informed - and engaged.

Compliance Automation

Give HR and Operations teams automation.

Vetty Resources

HR Tech

The Digital Balancing Act: Navigating HR’s Tech Labyrinth

In the bustling world of HR, more digital tools don’t always mean better outcomes. With a myriad of platforms at our fingertips, the challenge becomes navigating this tech maze efficiently. Balancing innovation with simplicity can redefine your onboarding process and transform HR from chaotic to cohesive.

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Creating Positive On-boarding Experiences for New Hires

A study conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) found that 22% of employees leave their jobs within the first 45 days of starting, and poor on-boarding experiences were one of the main reasons for this high turnover rate.

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Vetty Verified

How can I cut costs and operate more effectively?

Previously job seekers waited for a company to run a background check and that can cause major delays to starting. That gets pricey, fast.

Vetty pre-verifies and keeps your information up to date and ready for use making the process of hiring faster for job seekers and easier for companies.

Frictionless Operations

Streamline the Operations with our at-a-glance applicant timeline with 100% transparency throughout the entire screening process.

Compliance Automation

Regulatory change and compliance law can be mind numbing, but that’s why we’re here.  Vetty keeps customers out of harms way and automate every possible step of the process.

Efficiency starts with a quick and simple demo.

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